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Who We Are

The South Carolina Council of Catholic Women (SCCCW) is a strong, thriving women’s organization that unites all Catholic women in our state. It is an association of individuals, affiliates, and deaneries that have come together to serve the Church within the geographic boundaries of the Diocese of Charleston.


Since 1930, the SCCCW has worked to promote the faith and wellbeing of those whom we serve. We support not only the Church but also the people of South Carolina with programs that reach out with Christian love. We are women of faith and women of action!


SCCCW is also part of the Province of Atlanta and is affiliated with the National Council of Catholic Women (NCCW).

SCCCW offers something for everyone! Our membership includes women of all ages, abilities, and interests. The benefits of membership include:


The joy of fellowship

  • Growth as a Catholic woman

  • An increase and deepening of personal spirituality

  • Satisfaction of knowing that—as part of a national organization—we are making a

    difference locally, nationally, and globally


SCCCW serves as a channel for all Catholic women in South Carolina to use their individual talents to help others as they strengthen their faith.

Mission Statement

The purpose of the South Carolina Council of Catholic Women is to serve as a medium through which the Catholic Women of the Diocese may speak and act as one unit.  Its goals are to stimulate the work of and render definite assistance to the efforts of all affiliate organizations to give service to the Church.  The South Carolina Council of Catholic Women will endeavor to create interest in and to assist in the furtherance of the faith and wellbeing of the people of our Diocese.

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