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Our Lady of Good Counsel

God of heavenly wisdom, you gave us Mary, Mother of Jesus, to be our guide and counselor. Grant that we may always seek her motherly help in this life and so enjoy her blessed presence in the life to come. O Mother of Good Counselor, patroness of the National Council of Catholic Women, intercede for us, that we may be wise, courageous and loving leaders of the Church. Help us, dear mother, to know the mind of Jesus, your son. May the Holy Spirit fill us with reverence for God’s creation and compassion for all God’s children. May our labors of love on earth enhance the reign of God and may God’s gift of faith and living hope prepare us for the fullness of the world to come. Amen.

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Prayer to Our Lady of South Carolina - Our Lady of Joyful Hope

To you, Our Lady of South Carolina, we entrust the priests, deacons, seminarians, religious men and women, and laity, and all the people of the state of South Carolina, in their joys and their sorrows, their triumphs and their defeats, their successes and their failures. As Mother of Christ and Mother of the Church, you are also mother to all who call upon you in their need. You are the mother of all races and all people. 
Help our universal human family and all our families to draw closer together; help our youth to find meaning, purpose, and direction in life; help our frail elderly to know you are with them; help our sick, poor, abandoned, addicted, and unborn to be rescued by your love for them, reaching out through us. 

Lead us all closer to your Son, our Lord, our Savior, and our God, who is present with us in the Most Holy Eucharist. Through our prayers to you, Mother of Our Joyful Hope, especially the prayer of the rosary, help us to become people of hope and of joy, radiating God's love for us always, in your Son, Jesus Christ. In his powerful name and with your special Intercession we pray. Amen.

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Prayer for Vocations

Jesus you are the Good Shepherd.
You know each of us
and you will call us
And you call us by name
to serve you in faith.
Help us respond generously
to your voice.
Give courage and guidance
To those you call to the priesthood and the diaconate, to religious life, and lay ministry,
so they may respond wholeheartedly
and serve devotedly.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

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Prayer for Priests

Dear Lord, we pray that the Blessed Mother wrap her mantle around your priests and through her intercession strengthen them for their ministry. We pray that Mary will guide your priests to follow her own words, “Do whatever He tells you.” 
(Jn 2:5).

May your priests have the heart of St. Joseph, Mary’s most chaste spouse.

May the Blessed Mother’s own pierced heart inspire them to embrace all who suffer at the foot of the cross.
May your priests be holy, filled with the fire of your love seeking nothing but your greater glory and the salvation of souls.

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