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Leadership Commission Resources

Click here for this commission’s definition and chairperson, as well as her contact information.

Click here for a handout on the type of work done in this commission and a listing of example projects.


Effective leadership is achieved after acting in an honest, straightforward, and loving manner towards one’s fellow members, using communication and organizational skills as tools. After all, “Where there is no leadership—the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18). People work best in organizations with clearly defined rules and expectations, where members are encouraged and appreciated, and in environments that welcome visitors and new ideas.


Click here for information on NCCW’s Leadership Training Development (LTD) Program. To see information on bringing NCCW’s LTD Program to your affiliate or deanery, click here.


To read about “Eight ways that you can live out your call to serve in the leadership style of Jesus,” (a short LTD handout based on the writings of Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta), click here .

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