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Marlene Grover
Province of Atlanta Director


Dear Sisters in Christ,


Being a member of the Council of Catholic Women has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!  Working with others in our church and communities has allowed me to grow as an individual and meet many wonderful people.  Thank you for voting for me as the Province of Atlanta, Director.  It is truly an honor! 


The National Council of Catholic Women has been around since March of 1920.  The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops witnessed the important work done by Catholic women’s organizations during World War I and had the wisdom to call for the founding of NCCW to bring these organizations together.  This gave U.S. Catholic women a unified voice, a national service program and the ability to reach out to each other through a national organization.  To this day, we are guided and supported in our mission by USCCB.


A Province Director acts as a liaison between the National Council of Catholic Women, the Archdiocesan/Diocesan Councils of Catholic Women, member affiliates and individual members of her Province.  With her fellow Province Directors across the nation, she communicates with all levels of Council to help make the organization stronger and more visible.  A Province Director makes sure that information is distributed on NCCW programs, membership and operational goals, etc. 


If you are not a NCCW member, I invite you to join with me today in finding out what the National Council of Catholic Women can do by building and strengthening the kingdom of God with Spirituality, Leadership and Service!

Blessings, Hope and Love,



Marlene Grover, Director

NCCW Province of Atlanta 

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