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Our Lady of Good Counsel

Patroness Saint of the National Council of Catholic Women

Feast Day

April 26th

It is my pleasure to invite you to visit the South Carolina Council of Catholic Women (SCCCW) website.  You will discover creative programs and projects developed by the affiliates and deaneries which demonstrate the work we continue to do to support our churches, communities, and our organization as Catholic women. The main goal for the next two years is to grow SCCCW membership by reaching out to younger women in our congregations to join our efforts and become the future leaders of SCCCW.  With all working together practicing our faith, strengthening our resolve to support our deaneries and affiliates, and working as Christians in the vineyards, we will demonstrate the mission of SCCCW.  We solicit your support.  Join us!  


Elease Amos-Goodwin.jpg

Elease Amos-Goodwin

President - 2022-2024

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