87th Annual Convention
March 2017

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Our Lady of Good Counsel

A Message
from the President


My Dear Sisters in Christ,

Congratulations to SCCCW for 86 years of service to the people of South Carolina!

It’s hard to believe that the South Carolina Council of Catholic Women has been around for 86 years.  The work that has been done by these remarkable women is inspiring and the work that our women continue to do is truly an example of who we are!  SCCCW is my passion and I would like to share a few of the things that make this organization so special!

At the recent annual SCCCW Convention in Myrtle Beach, our theme was “Called To Serve God’s Children With Mercy and United in Love”.  Mercy and love were woven together throughout the weekend.  SCCCW affiliate members raised funds for the convention project Camp Rise Above, a unique organization that provides life changing camp experiences to children with illnesses, life challenges and disabilities. The convention was “Dedicated To All Families Throughout The World Especially Those Facing Religious Persecution”.  As stated by Pope Francis, “No one can be excluded from God’s Mercy!”

There were workshops in Spirituality by Donna Tyson, author/radio talk show host that touched our lives with personal experiences we could relate to and grow from in our daily life.  Mary Beth Hicks, columnist, author, and former writer in the Reagan White House motivated us with tips on how to make our parish women’s groups stronger, how media impacts our lives, and our ministry of Leadership to move forward with what we learned from the convention weekend.  Michael Acquilano, Director of the SC Catholic Conference gave us an awareness of what has been done in the past year and future endeavors in legislation.  SCCCW members voted for and endorsed two very important Resolutions concerning “Hunger for Physical Food” and “Hunger for Mercy, Reconciliation and Spiritual Food”.  Details of these resolutions can be found in this website along with “Suggested Action Items”.  I encourage you to use them as a resource in your groups, parishes and communities!  The SCCCW 2017 Convention will be held at the Columbia Marriott Hotel, March 24-26, 2017!  Information will be posted on the website as it becomes available.

SCCCW is dedicated to women, families, children’s issues, and community concerns.  We continue to spread news in our parishes on the “We Are Called To Witness!” manual on evangelization, “Women Healing the Wounds” program on Domestic Violence, “Catholics for Freedom of Religion”, and many other programs.  SCCCW supports women in their parishes to enhance the work that needs to be done in the name of the Lord by coming together as “One Voice”, Empowering, Educating, and Supporting women in South Carolina.  By working together we can accomplish so much!  SCCCW is an avenue to meet new friends, build faith, and make a difference as Sisters In Christ!  Whether you are looking for new friends or just interested in a catholic women’s organization that compliments your interests, I invite you to learn more about what SCCCW has to offer.  You will not be disappointed!  Contact me at any time through the email provided below.  I am your servant and so proud to be affiliated with an organization of women with like minds and goals!  

If you would like to be part of the communications that are sent out periodically, please send an email to scccw.correspondence@gmail.com. SCCCW does not sell email addresses nor use them for any other purpose than spreading the news of what the organization is doing.

South Carolina Council of Catholic Women
Dedicated to … Spirituality, Leadership, Service

Peace, Blessings and Love to you always,
Marlene Grover, President

87th Annual SCCCW Convention
March 24-26, 2017
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Congratulations to SCCCW
2016 Scholarship Winner,
Elena Victoria Smith.

To learn more about Elena and how to apply for the SCCCW Reverend William F. Pentis Memorial Scholarship,
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SCCCW raised $6,395.50 for the women's chapel at the Graham Correctional Institution in Columbia.
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